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Shoulder of Welsh Lamb (2kg-2.2kg)


Shoulder has for far too long been in the shadows when we have been ordering our larger cuts of lamb. Less expensive than leg and it sure packs a ton of flavour.
Due to its slightly higher fat content and meat structure this cut is ideal for slow roast/cook.
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Exceptionally versatile whether it’s be slow cooked Moroccan/Greek Lamb in flat-breads with tzatziki and coleslaw or perfect for that Sunday roast for a big ol’ Welsh Mams Cwtch! (hug for those non Welsh Speakers 🙂 )
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We can cut or trim to your specific requirements, just pop a message or call us.
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Sunday Roast using classic herbs;

Perfect for that Sunday when you have tons on in the day and want to set the lunch to cook and get on with your day!

6 hours including prep
Cook time (5-5.5hrs)

Take meat out of fridge for a least a few hours to get up to room temperature. (Everyone says this but why do we do it? If you take a cold piece of meat and put it into a hot environment it is shocked and contracts. whereas if we bring it up slowly in temp from fridge to plate – we get a much better result)
Preheat oven to 140/150c
On the bottom shelf place a large roasting pan filled half way with hot water, close oven door and leave for
oven to get to temperature.
Pick a handful or so of your favourite herbs, Mine are;

Handful Rosemary roughly chopped
Half Handful of Thyme roughly chopped
‘punch’ Sea Salt or a Tbsp of table
Tbsp of Black pepper
Good few glugs of olive oil
Juice of a small lemon of 1/2 a large one.
3 cloves crushed garlic (ensure crushed and well mixed otherwise larger pieces will burn)

Throw all of the above in a bowl and give a good mix or pestle & mortar if you have one.

Place the Shoulder in a roasting tin/dish, rub the mixture all over and pop in the oven. (It helps if you can put the shoulder on a rack in oven with the water directly under it so it can get 360 deg heat and the water pan directly under it will catch any juices.

Check the lamb after a few hours and top up water if required – The meat is done when hits 90/91c when probed – or old school test – just take out of oven and if the meat is soft & falls apart  it’s done!

Serve with sides of your choice – roasties, roasted veg – (the cooked down juices in the oven dish make for out of this world gravy/sauce/cooking for veg)

Moroccan(ish) style

This is done in exactly the same way as above

300g dark brown sugar
4 sprigs rosemary, fresh (stem and mince)
‘punch’ cup kosher salt
2 teaspoons cayenne, ground
1 teaspoon white pepper, ground
1 tablespoon cumin, ground

Full on dash or two of hot apple juice to finish once done

Serve with tzatziki, flatbread and slaw – May sound simple but the taste is sublime! You will do this again and again and again and again!

BBQ – Low n Slow on the Smoker/BBQ

Exactly the same as above but aim for 110-125 c
As the Lamb is such high quality and has been reared so well, it has a subtle and delicate taste so I tend not to use big flavours on the smoke so a few chunks of apple will suffice. less is more, especially with Salt Marsh Lamb. If it’s not strong enough then you can add more.

We can cut or trim to your specific requirements, just pop a message or call us.


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